A downloadable game for Windows

Winner of at least one award, Space Prisoner Electrifying Execution Deciderer (S.P.E.E.D.) is the ultimate in intergalactic prison management simulations.

Built exclusively for Virtual Reality, this title puts you in the control chair of the prison population on Gorgablage 99 where as the deciderer you electrocute the prison population from a reasonably safe distance.

But wait, there's more.

Zap your prison population as you race your friends towards a high score. However, don't zap the bombs. The bombs go Ka-Booms!

After you go through and electrocute your prison population, post a comment below about your immediate thoughts of this prototype gamejam entry. It's easy and by posting your comment, we'll even update your permanent record just in case you find yourself incarcerated on Gorgablage 99.

Install instructions

  1. Download the zipfile
  2. Unzip the zip file
  3. run the program Speed.exe


Speed_0.0.1.zip 102 MB


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LDVR & Bluebomb191 (aka hsrhea) demo S.P.E.E.D.